All three lakes will be lowered in the future.

Mike Bueme, District Engineer, requested permission from the LAMSBD Board at the April 1st meeting to lower all three lakes in the next month or so to video all horizontal and vertical piping of the dams. The Board authorized up to $7,500 for the video review of the dam infrastructure as part of the District Engineer’s comprehensive study of the dams. He is particularly interested in Lake Asbury (Lower) dam. As the health and well being of the Lake Asbury dam goes so does the health of the rest of the dam system.

For 50 years, LAMSBD has not owned or controlled a large segment of the toe (Black Creek side) of Lake Asbury dam.  Everything appears to be fine, but due to the age of our earthen dams we need to be sure.

There are several issues facing this comprehensive review including obtaining permission from the home owners on the toe and the owner of Lake Lark.

Lake residents will be kept informed of the progress. Residents will receive a letter approximately one week before the lowering of the lakes. The Board only wants to lower each lake approximately three (3) inches but may have to lower up to six (6) inches due to the impact of potential weather. The Contractor needs about three (3) inches of clearance for the video cameras to function properly.

Please inform your lake neighbors.