Advanced Inspection Notice of all Dams

Underwater Mechanix Services LLC, ( UMX) Jacksonville, FL

Will conduct an underwater video inspection of the intakes, outfalls, inlets, valves, valve stems, valve gates, etc. The inspection is scheduled to commence on July 29th with a time frame of 2 to 3 days.

This $20,500 project is part of LAMSBD’s stability analysis of our 50 year old earthen dams, that was approved by the LAMSBD Board at the July 2019 Meeting.

Note: there should be no need to lower the lake levels since a diver is being used. However, we need to warn you that once the differential pressures are measured in the work zone there could be a need to lower the lakes. We will keep you informed.

The results should be available at the August 5th Board Meeting.