South Lake Asbury (Upper) Lake (SLA) dropped approximately 10 inches. Once the lake valve is opened the lake drops anywhere from 1/2 to 1 inch per depending on rain and the watershed (drainage from Henley Road and Seminole Village, etc. The SLA valve is now shut off. It will be back to normal in a few days.


Lake Asbury (Lower) Lake (LA)  is still at normal level at 10:45 AM, July 31st, since South Lake Asbury (Upper) Lake water was lowered into it. The LA valves (East & West) will remain wide open for at least 24 more hours trying to reduce the lake level 4 to 8 inches. Reason: the UMX video survey crew with its diver encountered pressure differential problems on SLA. We don’t want to waste time waiting to encounter the issue on LA so we are dropping the lake now to anticipate any problems. Underwater survey work should start August 1st, Wednesday on LA. Valves most likely will be shut off once the survey starts.


Lake Ryan (LR) water will be dropped as soon as work is completed on LA approximately 4 to 8 inches. Water level should recover shortly.


The water level on Lake Asbury (Lower) Lake (LA) will rise almost immediately back to normal when Lake Ryan valve lowers water into LA.


Its summer and the lakes have a lot of boat and jet ski activity. All boat and jet ski activity should back off of the survey crew at least 1000 feet. Please back off and slow down. Remember the diver could be some 30 feet away from the kettle.