As best as we can, LAMSBD is on top of a fluid hurricane situation. The Lake Asbury (Lower and Big Lake) West Valve has been open since Thursday afternoon. We needed to open the valve to adjust the lake level to accommodate water from South Lake Asbury, Lake Ryan, and runoff from the watershed.

While the LA East Valve is still closed, Lake Asbury has dropped about 4 inches. 

The Board approved the creation of an official Emergency Action Plan (EAP) at the August Meeting. The EAP will work in conjunction with the State and the County. While it’s not yet fully functional you will hear more about it shortly. 

Due to the circumstances, we cranked up the LAMSBD E-Mail Alert Notification System early with more to follow.

In the interim, we will keep you informed, as best we can. Please go to LAMSBD.COM and sign up for E-Mail Alerts for storm and lake maintenance issues.

This E-Mail Alert was sent from our new website: LAMSBD.COM. If you do not want an E-Mail ALERT via this system, please e-mail the DISTRICT.SECRETARY@LAMSBD.COM and request your e-mail address to be deleted.