I realized the first LAMSBD E-Mail Alert was a little confusing. I was in a hurry and combined thoughts from several flyers that are being prepared.

You did not need to sign up again, if you received the recent E-Mail Alert

If you don’t want to receive the alerts for storm and lake maintenance issues please click on UNSUBSCRIBE on the bottom of the E-Mail Alert.

 We encourage all Lake residents to

Sign up for Alerts at LAMSBD.COM

Shortly, you will receive information on the new Lake Asbury Emergency Action Plan (EAP). I have sent the Clay County Emergency Management Director a list of all lake residents addresses. Clay Emergency has advised they are currently inputting the addresses into the County GIS.

The Florida Dept of Environmental Protection Dam Safety Division has receive a Grant from FEMA to pay $60,000 for a Flood Inundation Study of our three lakes. They have hired an Engineer to complete the study. 

The new Emergency Alert Notification System will used to alert lake residents when there is a lake or dam emergency issue. The Alert Notification System will include dam property owners.

The Emergency Alert Notification System will make calls or send messages to your home or Cell phones. More information to follow on how to register you and your family.

The Lake Asbury West Valve is still open.

Trustee Carl E Kocher