The LAMSBD Board has approved the creation of an Emergency Action Plan (EAP)


The Board and Clay County Emergency is creating a specific ALERT Clay County Lake Asbury Call Group. The County Emergency Management has received addresses for all lake residents including the dam property owners who live on the Lake Asbury dam. These addresses have been added to the County GIS. At this time, the Lake Asbury Call Group at this time will only contact a limited amount of phone numbers. The Board encourages all lake residents and dam property owners register their home and cell numbers they wish to be included in the Lake Asbury Call Group.


Please follow the following instructions to register: 1) Go to website:   2) Click on: Alert Clay New User Registration 3) Follow the instructions to register                


Please note that if you are already registered for Alert Clay County, you do not have to register again. You may wish to double check your account to make certain your cell and land phone numbers are up to date, plus registering any additional family members to be specifically included in the Alert Clay County Lake Asbury Call Group.


Once registered with the County, you will also receive County Wide Emergency Alerts by zip code.


Need Help Registering: Contact Maria Haney at the Clay County Emergency Management Office: 904-284-7703 or Toll Free 877-252-9362.


The Board has also created a Lake Resident E-Mail Alert System for Lake Issue Notices, such as lake water levels and dam repairs, etc.


The Board also encourages Lake Residents to register their E- Mail Address(s) to be used for the Lake Notification System.


Please follow the following instructions to register: 1) Go to Website: WWW.LAMSBD.COM   2) lick on: Sign up for E-Mail Alert Sign Up



We will advise when the Call Group is fully functional, but in the interim, please re mind your neighbors who live on the lakes to register in advance.



DISCLAIMER: Although this information is believed to be reliable and correct, LAMSBD make no guarantees as to absolute applicability.