A) Hayward Construction today removed the kettles from the Lake Ryan Valve and Lake Asbury West Valve. The LA West valve is west of the spillway on Lake Asbury (the north, lower or big lake) for repair. Both remaining kettle tubes are exposed at the water line and are protected by a safety and trash screen. These protection screens are the best available at this time and we need every lake resident’s full attention when using the lakes.

Powered boats are not allowed on Lake Ryan so a collision potential is minor.

The Lake Asbury West Valve protection screen is also at water level but numerous strands of red caution tape are tied to the exposed gate valve wheel making it look like a Christmas tree. 

AGAIN: It is important that all boaters and jet ski users use caution

and be safe.

The repairs should be completed in a couple of weeks.

B) In addition, Chairman McMillan has contacted a Gator Hunter to try and catch the Gator reported to be any where from 6 to 10 feet. Now there maybe two Gators. There are additional reports that a Gator regularly crosses over between Black Creek and Lake Asbury (the north, lower or big) Lake.

So, the question is, why does the Gator cross the road? The fearless Gator Hunter will let us know. The Gator hunter works at night and you may see lights from time to time at night. 

Please forward this E-mail to your neighbors.

Better yet, suggest they sign up for Lake Alerts at LAMSBD.COM