The Southeastern Surveying continues their survey as part of the Flood Inundation Study being paid for by a FEMA Grant for the Lake Asbury Emergency Action Plan (EAP).

The Survey Team uses a 15 foot white boat with a tethered small orange catamaran that is maybe 3 feet long.  The  orange catamaran has sophisticated depth sound equipment with GPS for lake depth readings.

The Survey team should finish Lake Asbury today and will be on South Lake Asbury (Upper Lake) on Saturday and Monday at 8:00 AM each day. Later next week on Lake Ryan. They will not use their 15 foot boat on lake Ryan.

If you observed them on the lakes, please give them plenty of space.

Seaplane landings and touch and go are again occurring on our lakes. On March 10th a seaplane flew in over the Lake Asbury dam over a fisherman before landing on Lake Asbury.  No one was able to get the “N” number off the fuselage in order to call the FAA. Previous conversations with the  FAA they have stated our inhabited lakes are too small for such activity.

It’s necessary to get the “N” number off the fuselage before the FAA can take action.

If you have the “N” number, please call

Orlando FAA, Flight Standards 407-487-7000

to report the issue.