LAMSBD Alert July 2020

Please read the Lake Asbury Alert above and share with your lake neighbors. Also remind them to sign up for Lake Updates.

The LAMSBD Board has authorized: 

  • $11,400 for a Lake Asbury Reservoir hydraulic draw down analysis
  • $65,400 for Geo Technical Exploration including subsurface exploration of Standard Penetration Tests for Lake Asbury Dam (Lower, Big Lake) and Lake Ryan Dam. The SPT  borings roughly every 300 feet through the crest of the dam to a depth of 75 feet each. The Lake Asbury dam borings to be conducted in the Lake Asbury Dr road right away. Additional SPT borings could be authorized by the Board based on the analysis of the core findings.

 Date and Time including impact on Lake Asbury Dr traffic to follow.

Both studies are to be completed in the next 90/120 days subject to rain delays, Covid 19 etc. These studies will provide invaluable information in understanding the health of our 50 plus year old earthen dams allowing the Board to formulate a Capital Improvement Plan, our lake road map for the future.

Please remember to check WWW.LAMSBD.COM for future LAMSBD Board Meetings.