We have been receiving inquires about the Board’s decision to recommend an increase in the current annual assessment. The Board will formalize the assessment increase at the June 7th Board Meeting, Lake Asbury Community Bldg. at 6:30 PM.

At the May 3rd Regular Board Meeting, the Board discussed the potential assessment increase.  At the May 17th Special Board Meeting, the Board approved a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) which reflects approximately $6,000,000 in infrastructure upgrades in the next 3 to 5 years.

The suggested increase is $1,800 for a total of $2,400 (current assessment is $600). Please remember $2,400 rounds out at $200 a month. Many Homeowners Associations’ and Special Districts (without dams) in the area have annual assessments greater then $2,400 per year.

Please go to lamsbd.com and review History and Lake Issues.

FDEP letter to the Board (Lake Issues).

HB 1547 (History) it states there can be no increase in the assessment without a majority approval of the residents in a referendum. The Mail Ballot Referendum is supervised and certified by the Clay County Elections Office. The cost of the election is approximately $4,000.

The Board hopes to shortly have the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) on our website .

Remember we have a quality of life that needs to be protected.