Again we are requesting residents email all Clay County Commissioners expressing their opposition to a potential development of at least 80 condos/houses  including additional support facilities that could be built on the Lake LARC property adjacent to Lake Asbury off Aldersgate Dr.

LAMSBD has approved a $7 Million plus Capital Improvement Plan that is current cost only (no inflation built in). The CIP does not even consider the impact of this development on the Lake Asbury basin and the additional infrastructure problems created for our fragile lake environment. If the development is approved, LAMSBD will need to review the CIP to consider the consequences of the development.

The CIP can be reviewed on under Lake Issues. A map with lake addresses highlighting dredging projects is included.  Lake LARC is located to the left of F7 a projected dredging project.


Please attend the Clay County Commissioner meeting, June 22, 2021 at 4:00 PM, County Administration Building, Green Cove Springs, FL and make your concerns known to the County Commissioners.