A) The LAMSBD Board of Trustees completed an initial interview with Hanson Professional Engineering Services, Chicago, Illinois last night (April 26th) during a special board meeting. Their statement of qualifications and experience is posted as Hanson Qualifications on WWW.LAMSBD.COM under BIDS.

B) A Pre Draft Budget with notes was separated from the April 2022 Treasurer’s Report and posted on WWW.LAMSBD.COM under BUDGETS.  Remember its only a pre draft budget and still subject to discussion and approval by the Board of Trustees. The 2022/2023 Draft Budget must be approved at the June 2022 Board Meeting and the 2022/2023 Final Budget must be approved at the July 2022 Board meeting.

The April 2022 Treasurer’s Report is posted under TREASURER REPORT on WWW.LAMSBD.COM.