South Lake Spillway Update 9 June 2023

Time – 3:55 PM   LAMSBD signed a proposal with Thompson Contracting Group for the repairs to the Spillway on South Lake Asbury. They will begin work on June 19, 2023. While the job timing cannot be firm, it is estimated to be 9 weeks. Hanson Professional...

Update South Lake Spillway 3 June 2023

Time – 8:11 PM   We have met with engineers from Hanson, an engineer with SJRWMD, and Clay County Emergency Management.     The damaged areas on the dam spillway will be repaired in kind.     We met a contractor who was recommended by the manufacturer of...

South Lake Alert 23 May 2023

Revised 8:21 PM   The South Lake is going to be lowered by 6 inches minimum to protect the emergency spillway. Boat Traffic must maintain idle speed only. We will inspect and plan repairs to the spillway asap. LAMSBD

North Lake Valves

5/22/2023 – 6:09 PM We will open the North Lake valves 25% in order to maintain lake levels for the next few days. LAMSBD

Nicole Update

It looks like Nicole will now miss us, so as of 11 am all valves are closed.  The South Lake Asbury (Upper) Lake is 0.12″ low and Lake Asbury (Lower or Bigger) Lake is 0.4 ” low. LAMSBD