Alert and Notification System TEST

This is a TEST of the LAMSBD Alert and Notification System NOAA predicts above-normal 2024 Atlantic hurricane season! NOAA is forecasting a range of 17 to 25 total named storms (winds of 39 mph or higher). Of those, 8 to 13 are forecast to become hurricanes (winds of...

December Storm 2023

December Storm 2023 Due to the predicted heavy storm activity for the next two days; the South Lake valve has been opened some, in order to protect the spillway. LAMSBD  December 16, 2023, at 05:30...

Tropical Storm Idalia

Tropical Storm Idalia “We are monitoring Tropical Storm Idalia and will decide if we need to drop lake levels by noon Monday, August 28, 2023. Each lot owner will need to take care of boats and property accordingly” LAMSBD  7:57...

South Lake Alert 23 May 2023

Revised 8:21 PM   The South Lake is going to be lowered by 6 inches minimum to protect the emergency spillway. Boat Traffic must maintain idle speed only. We will inspect and plan repairs to the spillway asap. LAMSBD

North Lake Valves

5/22/2023 – 6:09 PM We will open the North Lake valves 25% in order to maintain lake levels for the next few days. LAMSBD

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