Nicole Update

It looks like Nicole will now miss us, so as of 11 am all valves are closed.  The South Lake Asbury (Upper) Lake is 0.12″ low and Lake Asbury (Lower or Bigger) Lake is 0.4 ” low. LAMSBD

Nicole Update

In anticipation of Hurricane Nicole we have opened the valves on the North Lake a little. Depending on the circumstances that we see tomorrow morning we will take other appropriate action which could include opening the North Lake valves more and opening the South...

Final IAN Report

FINAL ALERT All lakes are able to resume normal activities. Lake Ryan and South Lake Asbury are at normal levels. North Lake Asbury is still about 8″ low and is continuing to fill. It is OK for normal activities. 

Update on Storm

Both valves on Lake Asbury (Lower or Big) Lake are now closed. South Lake Asbury (Upper or South) Lake valve  remains closed.  Lake Ryan valve remains open 5 turns until the wind dies down. The no Wake Zone on the lakes remains in effect until further...

Hurricane Update

Lake Lot Owners In planning for possible impacts from Hurricane Ian, the process to lower the water level in all three lakes has begun.  If you have watercraft not on a lift, you may want to consider removing before the water level drops.  Also, reminder that lower...

New Storm Update

Lake Asbury the North or Lower Lake level has been reduce about 6 inches and this morning (Monday) the valve for the South Lake Asbury the South & Upper Lake and Lake Ryan were opened some. We are making adjustments in order to drop all three lakes by about 12...

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