2024 Meeting Minutes

Including Motions. Posted monthly after approval at the following month’s Meeting.

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February 5th Minutes

Lake Asbury Municipal Service Benefit District

February 5, 2024

Meeting Minutes

Called to order by Chairman Mike Clemons at 6:30 pm

Roll Call


Mike Clemons – Chairman

Alton Davis – Vice Chairman                                              

Tom Lahey – Treasurer            

Janet Wantage – Trustee

Diane Poidevant – Trustee

Larry Pence – Trustee

Mike Clemons – Trustee

Carol Weisenburger–Trustee

Jerry Scally – Trustee

All eight Trustees were in attendance, also in attendance was Donna Gysin, District Secretary and Hans Wahl, District Attorney

Pledge of Allegiance

Public Questions

Procedure explained by Chairman Mike Clemons;

Public question forms are available to be filled out and will be addressed at the end of the meeting with a limit of 3 minutes for the speaker.

Approval of January 8, 2024 Meeting Minutes

Chairman Mike Clemons postponed approval of January meeting minutes until March meeting.

Treasurers Report

Tom Lahey presented the Treasurers report with a correction needed, changing the date from January 31, 2023 to January 31. 2024.  The change was made immediately by Allan Andersen our accountant. Mike Clemons asked about BizSmart’s (Ray Dominey) invoice being higher than normal due to changing to Webmail.  Tom Lahey explained the new Webmail and the benefits.

Motion to approve Treasurer’s report and check approval made by Tom Lahey, second by Larry Pence, approved 8 – 0.

Update on the status of 2023 State Audit presented by Tom Lahey

One document needs to be edited which is the Justification for Methodology that we use needs to be edited.  It’s not going to change because we don’t depreciate the dams. The modified approach is the financing terminology that is used, we just have to tweak some of the verbiage. It has been carried over for the last two or three years with almost no changes. Now with progress we need to update this documentation.

It is due June 1st, 2024 but Mike Clemons asked that it be completed by the end of March.  This is important due to the fact last year it was completed on the exact due date at the last hour.  Tom Lahey said it was not posted on the state website. Grau prefers it is uploaded on their portal. 

Tom Lahey spoke with David Broziack with Grau today and he said for all practical purposes they are done with no issues, just need to submit final justification.

Grau said we need a policy and procedure manual.

Tom Lahey stated that Donna Gysin, district secretary must file a form 1 (Ethics required document) per Hans Wahl our district attorney.

Hanson Update – Alton Davis / Brian Wozniak, Hanson Engineering Service

Alton Davis gave a recap of what Brian Wozniak with Hanson Engineering would be going over when he presents Hanson’s progress virtually in ten minutes. Alton wrote a draft and Hanson Engineering added to it.  It recaps from the time Hanson Engineering was hired, (June 2022) to the phase that was just completed.

A letter was received from Tracy Woods requesting an update of the dam (not dams). She was talking about the North Dam and said it was still unsatisfactory. Alton Davis responded about all the dams.  The letter includes how LAMSBD is addressing the St. Johns River Water Management District and was sent to all the Trustees and Brian Wozniak with Hanson Engineering. Alton Davis read the letter and gave an extensive update on the status of rehabilitation of Lake Asbury Dams.

Brian Wozniak with Hanson Engineering joined the meeting virtually and updated everyone on what has been completed in phases. This was a lengthy update, and per Chairman Mike Clemons the Hanson Engineering report presented at the meeting has been posted on the LAMSBD website.   https://lamsbd.com/hanson-engineering/

(Community rumors is that there is no information available about the progress being made bringing the dams up to code).

Alton Davis asked about the grant for Lake Ryan would be moving forward faster but it has not. It is the only funding we have now, and we are stalled at this point. Per Brian Wozniak the grant funding will go to engineering design cost as well as construction cost. It is worthwhile having this included in the grant. For Lake Ryan if Hanson was under contract for Lake Ryan the design when the funding comes through, they will look at it as a contract and split bills from the financial coverage from the grant. At least 75% of the engineering design cost would be covered as part of the grant funds. This makes sense to wait for the grant to come through.

Alton Davis stated that Brian Wozniak pointed out we are not into detailed engineering and there is opportunity to change the scope of today’s presentation on paper that could result in reduction of cost because of the scope change.  This would have to be worked out between LAMSBD, Hanson Engineering, SJRWMD and Tracy Wood.  There are opportunities that would result in changing the scope and can focus on trying to minimize the cost. All options will be explored.  Optimistically the cost of materials should come down in the future.

Carol Weisenberger questioned Brian Wozniak about taking down the trees.  She asked if he knew anyone that had provided the cost of taking down the trees and rehabbing the land. Does he know those people?  Brian Wozniak responded that they have costs associated with tree removal and did not have the info at hand but could get that to her.  They have not reached out to the landowners, but it makes sense to do start that process and see what our options are.  Also, this needs to be coordinated with the SJRWM (St. Johns River Water Management) they will require a certain level of access to that land for future maintenance as well as operations of the lakes making sure they can be properly operated.

A question was asked who should be negotiating the right-of-way agreements with the landowners besides the board or should the board even be involved in this?  Response was it comes down to the dam owner being the one who needs access to the property.  It does not prevent Hanson from reaching out to others to gain assistance. There are different avenues, but the dam owner needs access to the property and should start that process this year, 2024.

Alton Davis thanked Brian Wozniak and told him we still owe him information on SAM.GOV and will provide it soon.

Briain Wozniak stated there are many grants available that will help with the cost, and it makes a difference to try to acquire grants.

Chairman Mike Clemons asked Alton Davis if there was anything else he needed to talk about. His response was SAM.GOV was due on Feb 20th.  A proposal from Hanson for $2260.00 which was an amendment to the original agreement.

Alton Davis made a motion to propose $2260.00 to Hanson Engineering, second by Diane Poidevant, approved 8 – 0.

Alton Davis will let Hanson Engineering know the

Grant Update – Status and Next Steps

Janet Wantage will present at next meeting in March

Revised EAP Update by Mike Clemons

Mike Clemons will present at next meeting in March

Water Quality – Mechanical Weed Extraction by Larry Pence

Larry Pence has a contract proposal from SF Aquatics in Sebring Florida for a deposit of $7,800.00. They will extract the floating Hysen’s. They are proposing 15 days to remove but if they come in and get the work done in less than 15 days the cost will be less.  They begin Feb 19th, and the total cost could run $39,000.00.

Larry Pence made a motion to accept the contract proposal form SF Aquatics in Sebring Florida, second by Diane Poidevant, approved 8 – 0

Tom Lahey questioned if they were going to move the weed to the lot behind the Lake Asbury Community building and he replied yes.  Larry Pence said they had approval to move it there and when it is dried it will be made into mulch.

Mike Clemons said there is an issue with the water.   He does not have a clear understanding of how it is going to be moved to the lot to dry out. Mike Clemons asked Larry Pence to have an amendment made to the proposal.  They are using a boon system to remove the vegetation to transport to the lot to dry out.  There are rubber mats that the vegetation would be put on to drain and then would be moved to the lot to dry. Larry Pence also stated this company would repair any damage done to personal property within thirty days. This statement was verbal and not in writing. They come in with a we-do which has a crane. They will be pushing the Hysen to the boat dock loading it there.  They have a rake with a 16’ pole for areas that are hard to get to.

Tom Lahey said this is a dry time of the year. Can we dump this stuff in the emergency spillway in the north dam and dump it on concrete?  Also, on Aldersgate there is a draining easement.  Alton Davis said he felt nothing should be put on dams we are trying to rehab, Mike Clemons agreed.

Janet Wantage said it sounds great, but it sounds like we don’t have a formal contract. Mike Clemons said 99% have been reviewed by Hans Wahl, our district attorney.  Larry Pence said the changes to the contract will be corrected tomorrow. Diane Poidevant said there are videos available to show what will happen when the work is done in our lake.  SF Aquatics are proposing to do what is best for what we need done in Lake Asbury.

Motion by Larry Pence to accept the contract for vegetation removal from SF Aquatics after we receive the changes tomorrow which is the date to begin Feb 19th, second is we would provide a vegetation staging area (which we can) and the third was to obtain a permit including but not limited to the FWC Aquatic Management which is not required.  Those are the three changes necessary to approve the contract. Check approved for $7800.00 to be sent to SF Aquatics before Feb 18th.   (Alton Davis commented he appreciated the hard work done by the committee, why would you object).  Second by Janet Wantage approved 8 – 0.

Update Lake Management (Solitude)

Yearly contract already approved with Solitude.

Larry Pence made a motion to purchase grass carp in March at the best available price, 250 grass carp for both lakes. Second by Diane Poidevant approved 8 – 0.

South Lake Carp Permit Update (FWC)

Mike Clemons stated a biologist always suggests 2 to 4 fish per acre.

Insurance Discussion presented by Carol Weisenburger

She presented a presentation on the screen. During 2024 and 2025 we are looking at doing a lot of different contracts. We handed it off to Hans Wahl, our district attorney to make sure it is done right.  He needs certain information to make sure it is done properly. Our new Chairman, Mike Clemons can assign each Trustee a contract but that is up to Mike.  That is on my form and part of my project manual. Our insurance for LAMSBD is handled by Public Risk Insurance Advisors because we are a government entity, so it doesn’t go through the normal routes. Carol gave everyone a handout.

The meeting adjourned at 8:43 pm by Chairman Mike Clemons


January 8th Minutes

Lake Asbury Municipal Service Benefit District

January 8, 2024

Meeting Minutes

Called to order by Chairman Alton Davis at 6:31 pm

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call


Alton Davis – Chairman                                         

Tom Lahey – Vice Chairman

Janet Wantage – Trustee

Diane Poidevant – Trustee

Larry Pence – Trustee

Mike Clemons – Trustee

Carol Weisenburger–Trustee

Jerry Scally – Trustee

All eight Trustees were in attendance

Administrative Comments:

Chairman Alton Davis read the agenda

Public question forms are available to be filled out and will be addressed at the end of the meeting with a limit of 3 minutes for the speaker.

LAMSBD Officer elections are held at the first meeting in January and will be conducted by Hans Wahl the District Attorney this evening.  Hans Wahl took control of the meeting asking for nominations for the three offices open.

Chairman, Vice Chairman & Treasurer Positions Open

Nominations for Chairman:

Mike Clemons, nominated by Diane Poidevant

Alton Davis, nominated by Carol Weisenburger

Mike Clemon said yes, if elected he would be willing to serve as the Chairman Alton Davis said no, he is not willing to serve as Chairman.

Tom Lahey made a motion to elect Mike Clemons as Chairman, second by Diane Poidevant, approved 8 – 0.

Nominations for Vice Chairman:

Alton Davis nominated for Vice Chairman by Jerry Scally

Alton Davis said yes, if elected he would be willing to serve as Vice Chairman

Motion to elect Alton Davis as Vice Chairman made by Mike Clemons, second by Larry Pence, approved 8 – 0

Nominations for Treasurer:

Tom Lahey nominated for Treasurer by Janet Wantage

Diane Poidevant nominated for Treasurer by Larry Pence

Both nominees said yes if elected they would be willing to serve as Treasurer

Motion to vote made by Janet Wantage, second by Mike Clemmons

Votes for Tom Lahey 5

5 votes carry a win for Tom Lahey as Treasurer

Alton Davis commented about 2023 being a difficult year with a lot of changes and asked the trustees to make a commitment to the board with full commitment, full cooperation, and full communication to make a smooth transition with the new officers.

Alton Davis turned the meeting over to new Chairman Mike Clemons.

2024 Elected Officers

Chairman – Mike Clemons

Vice-Chairman – Alton Davis

Treasurer – Tom Lahey

Approval of December 4, 2023, meeting minutes:

Motion to approve by Tom Lahey, second by Diane Poidevant, approved 8 – 0




Treasurers Report and approval of checks by Alton Davis:

Alton Davis presented the Treasurers report

This is the first treasurers report done by Vicki Middlekauff Accounting Firm

Treasurers Reports are now caught up from June 2023 to January 2024 and will be posted on the LAMSBD website.

Motion to approve Treasurers report and check made by Alton Davis, second by Tom Lahey, approved 8 – 0.

Update on the status of 2023 Audit:

Mike Clemons asked if we were caught up on all the audits?

Alton Davis responded that we are caught up on all audits which are due June 30, 2024.

Tom Lahey is working on a timeline of due dates.

Mike Clemons asked if trustees have filled out their required financial information for Grau’s audit purposes.

Hanson Update – Next Steps and Timing:

Mike Clemons stated that Alton Davis will remain the point person for Hanson updates.

Presentation by Alton Davis explained the progression of Hanson. He presented the invoice showing the tasks with a breakdown of two different phases, which are complete. He reviewed the last year of Hanson’s progress since they were hired June 7, 2022. They are giving us a status update with more details of what they did in Phase 2.  Alton Davis said a special meeting will need to be held to just address Hanson updates.

We are well in the process of getting a $2.3 million dollar grant for Lake Ryan.  (Janet Wantage will update the progress)

Grant Update – Status and Next Steps:

Presentation by Janet Wantage

Janet Wantage said the $2.3 million dollar grant for Lake Ryan is something to celebrate.

There are a lot of different kinds of funding when it comes to Grants. There are grants and there are low interest federal and state loans available.  Low interest loans given by the government are the Water Infrastructure loan, the State Water Infrastructure loan and coming soon is the US Army Corp Infrastructure Loan. The US Army Corp Infrastructure Loan is a new funding and finance program.  It is long term up to 49% for the project coming from the US Treasury.  

Alton Davis questioned the details about working with the US Army Corp Infrastructure loan. Tom Lahey questioned application fees which Janet will research.

Upcoming grant is the National Dam Safety Program through the Department of Homeland Security.  Janet mentioned many grants that she is looking into.


LMS December Meeting update:

LMS meeting with Mike Clemons and Alton Davis was cancelled due to covid, rescheduled to meet next month.  While they were there they spoke with Tim Devin and Mike Ladd. These are quarterly meetings so they will attend the next meeting when the date is available.

Drawdown Procedure and EAP Update Status:

Mike Clemons will have the update at the next meeting.

Water Quality Committee Update:

Presentation was made by Larry Pence

Contract with Solitude Lake Management, everything is on schedule for removal of the material (Water Hysen) and procured dump site has been found.

Status on barriers for the South Lake:

Barriers have been installed

Status for procuring carp for the South Lake:

Suggestion is 2 carp per acre, having 65 acres, intend to add 150 carp into the North Lake done February 1st or beginning of March. Mike Clemons recommended a Biologist submit a recommendation on how many carp is needed.

Activity from the Water Quality Committee:

Contract for Solitude Lake Management

Mechanical Weed Removal Contract Proposal

Insurance Comments – Carol Weisenburger

Will address at the next meeting

New Business:

The election for certain Trustee Seats will take place in November 2024. Some paperwork will need to be filled out.

Public Comments:

Mark McMillan expressed his concern about the chemical spraying in the lakes.  Diane Poidevant explained the safety of the process.

The meeting adjourned at 7:54 pm