Pay Policy

Lake Asbury Municipal Service Benefit District (LAMSBD) Pay Policy

The LAMSBD Board normally pays monthly (the first Monday of the month) except when the Board Meetings occasionally occur on the Second Monday. All meeting dates and any meeting date changes are listed on our website: WWW.LAMSBD.COM

All invoices must be e-mailed to the District Secretary, DISTRICT.SECRETARY@LAMSBD.COM or mailed to LAMSBD, P. O. Box 30252, Doctors Inlet, Fl 32030 to be received by 5:00 PM the last Thursday before the monthly Board meeting. If not, the Board reserves the right to pay at the next monthly Board Meeting.

Additional LAMSBD e-mail addresses may be added for internal distribution, but the District Secretary e-mail is always primary.

The Board will not accept any late payment fees assessed by any contractor or vendor.

Any and all contracts and agreements will be subject to this policy unless specifically approved by the LAMSBD Board.

Adopted by the LAMSBD Board, December 7, 2020