Special districts were first established in Florida by enacting the Road Highway and Ferry Act of 1822. These first special districts were created to establish and maintain public roads.

Since 1822, over 1700 special districts have been created.

LAMSBD is an independent, Florida Special District created by FL CH 86-392 (The Charter) July 14, 1986. Specifying boundaries, membership, powers, duties of a board of trustees, taxing, bonding, financial requirements to operate and maintain the lake and dam infrastructure.

In 1989, The Florida Legislature passed the Uniform Special District Accountability Act of 1989, FL CH 189. This Act sets forth the general provisions for all types of special districts from hospitals to mosquito districts. The Act addresses creation, operation, financial reporting, taxation/assessments, elections, definitions, compliance with general las provisions and comprehensive planning of special districts.

The provisions of FL CH 180 are discussed in more detail in the Florida Special District Handbook.

Also, review Special District Accountability and Oversight which includes a complete version of FL CH 189.