LAMSBD August Treasurer’s Report, August 5, 2019

A)   Review August Treasurer’s Report. Board needs to Approve Report.

B)   Need Board Advice: Have two invoices from Groundworks for Mowing $1,650 plus $75 for fire ant control plus $150 for mowing LA Ramp for a total of $1,850, plus dam mowing inspection form. I also have an invoice for LALLOA for $300.

Who also receives and reviews the dam inspection form?  Attached is recent Groundworks statement and Dam Mowing Inspection Form.

C)  I am asking the Board to change my current authority of moving $10,000 from money market to checking as needed. I am now requesting approval to cover any current deficit in the checking account plus $10,000 as needed. This will alleviate a lot of problems especially if we have no quorum. Move $2,500 today before the meeting.

D)   Need advance approval for all future routine District Account checks, plus check for UMX $20,500 (assuming job is complete) if in the event, there is no Quorum.

E)   Need approval for current August outstanding checks.

F)    Records Management Update: Secretary has purchased the new laptop and printer and is proceeding to set up with Carbonite as Cloud back up. Chairman Mark has advised her that Gayward Hendry has approved the return of the fire resistive legal file cabinet. Two issues have since developed: 1) The Cheapest mover at $250 may be no longer available 2) We just remembered Trustee Chris drilled out the lock. The secretary will report again on moving cost and cost to repair lock

G)  Several lake residents have questioned why two residents located at 1099 and 1097 Lake Asbury Dr are only paying $300 per lot. I was advised by one of these residents that some time ago the County assigned $300 per lot because a lot was split. I looked at the CCPAO info and found both lot sizes are basically same as their neighbors. On the surface there appears to be no reason why the County made this decision, but I will contact the County for info on their decision to allow $300 per lot, so the Board can review. Note: No changes can take place until next year because Assessment Roll review has been completed by Wayne Flowers, Lewis, Longman & Walker’s office. Copies attached.

H)   The Insurance renewal application for 10/1/2019 was sent to me as Treasurer because the contact was Trustee Butch Huggins. I have completed the renewal application with the required copy of latest Financial Audit and Budget. Does the Board wish to review the renewal application? Who signs and returns with a copy to the District Secretary?

I)     I contacted Tracy Woods, the new Florida Depart of Environmental Protection (FLDEP) Dam Safety Division to reintroduce myself to Tracy Woods who with two other State of FL Engineers completed a visual review/inspection of the four dams (Incl Lake LARC) in June 2009 when I was Chairman. The Inspection was required by FEMA of all dams in Florida to update the FEMA Dam National Registry. The conversation led to:

1) Are the homes still on the Lake Asbury Dam including the two homes that straddle the spillway?  I advised, yes.

 2) Condition of the Lake LARC Dam? I advised it was overgrown and had no idea about maintenance. She requested the name of the new owner. I advised it was Teameffort Missions. She advised she would call them.

 3) She asked, if we had completed an EAP yet. I stated no.

She advised me of the following: there are

1) 1100 dams in Florida

2) 106 are high hazard, including the Lake Asbury four dam complex (Incl Lake LARC)

3) The Lake Asbury dam complex is the most concerning to the State due to the homes situated on the Lake Asbury dam.

She also advised they hope to contact the Rules Committee for approval for a new directive on EAP requirements in FL that would include penalties for failure to complete an EAP on a timely basis.

Tracy then advised me if LAMSBD would commit now to completing an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) per FLDEP Dam Safety Division specifications, she would apply for a FEMA Grant of $60,000 to pay for the EAP Inundation Study required with each application. The Contractor/Engineer would be hired by the State and paid by FEMA with no money required from LAMSBD. 

J)     Wayne Flowers has advised that his office (Lewis, Longman & Walker) has completed the annual review of the LAMSBD Assessment Roll and has sent results to the Clay County Tax Office.

K)   Wayne has confirmed $35,000 as the general threshold suggested by FL CH 287 for the District to go out to bid. He also advised the FL Statutes on a Request for Qualifications protocol can be different based on specifications/services of the project.




Carl E Kocher