Lake Asbury Municipal Benefit District (LAMSBD)

Board Meeting Agenda

February 6, 2023


Type of Meeting: Regular Scheduled District Board Meeting

Meeting Facilitator: Chairman Davis

Call to Order: Chairman Davis

Roll Call: Board Officers:   Chair - Davis □   Vice Chair - Lahey □ Treasurer - Wantage□

Trustees:  Forhan   Weisenburger  Pence □  Scally  Poidevant - □  Clemons - □

Staff: District Accountant  Hallquest  District Attorney  Wahl □ District Secretary  Phillips □

1.         Pledge of Allegiance

2.         Administrative Announcements                                


1.     If you wish to speak or ask a question, fill out the form on the reception table and place it in the  Question or Comment´ basket on the Head Table.

2.     The Chair will address questions or comments after the agenda is complete, normally in the new business section, time permitting.  Meetings normally last approx. two hours.

3.     Wait until the Chair recognizes you before you talk.  Limit your comment or question to three (3) minutes unless the Chair specifically extends your time.  Where two or more represent or share common interest, only one will be designated to speak for a total of five (5) minutes.  For a good cause the Chairman may extend the time limit.  Speakers are not allowed to assign his or her time or any part of their time to another speaker.

4.     A member of the public, speaking on any matter, shall confine him/herself to the question, or matter before the Board, shall not use unbecoming, abusive, or unparliamentary language and shall avoid commenting on personalities or character of any Board member, former Board trustees, other officials, staff or the public.  The Board reserves the right to have the Clay County Sheriff’s Dept. remove an individual or individuals who fail to meet this request.

5.     Address your question and comments only to the Chairman and not to a specific trustee or individual in the meeting.  Trustees can only respond to an individual if the Chairman requests.

6.     A person who decides to appeal any decision made by the Board with respect to any matter considered at the meeting is advised that this same person will need a record of the proceedings and that accordingly, the person may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, including the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based.

7.     The District Attorney, District Accountant, Engineer Advisory Group may be requested by the Chairman to speak at any time for advice, suggestions or information.

8.     Board meetings are Audio recorded and posted on the board website WWW.LAMSBD.COM

Questions can be submitted in advance by e-mail to DISTRICT.SECRETARY@LAMSBD.COM


All Trustees, including Board Officers must vote.  A Trustee with a conflict of interest regarding business before the Board must declare that conflict with the Chair before the vote.  The District Attorney may be consulted on this issue.

If a Trustee needs to leave early, the Trustee needs to advise the Chair. An important issue may need to be moved up for discussion earlier for approval and vote.

Meeting Agenda:

Chairman calls for Approval of Minutes

Treasurer’s Report: Wantage

1)    Checking, Money Market

2)    Monthly Checks

Staff Reports:

District Accountant

District Attorney

District Secretary – Oath of office forms


Trustee Reports:

Chairman Davis - Hanson update

Trustee Wantage – Grants update    

Kimley-Horne give an update on Grants. This will be a virtual presentation.




Trustee Lahey -  Mowing contract

Trustee Pence – Water Quality

Update on Carp Permit and putting carp into the North lake.

Unfinished Business

Trustee Forhan - Dam Operations Protocol

Website Documentation

Trustee Weisenburger – Meeting protocol

Dredging update

Have all prior board motions been completed?

New Business

Chairman calls for any New Business from Trustees

Trustee Lahey

1) RFQ for repairs to SLA seawall top boards

2) Replace the signs on both dams; they are faded , and not very readable.

3)  Fencing at SLA by boat ramp , add at both ends, as well as remove a small section to facilitate mowing.

Chairman Davis – Quarterly dam inspections

Chairman accepts questions and comments from the audience

Call for Meeting to be adjourned

Regular Advertised Board Meeting 2023 Dates for the next 3 months

6 March, 3 April, 1 May